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What to buy and not buy in April this year

Nike-5041718_640April may not seem like a big month for shopping, but you’ll find a lot of categories that have good deals. Some of them are practical, so if you want fun and frivolous items, you may have to do more research.

Here are suggestions from on what to buy and not buy in April:


You’re likely to see cookware deals in April because graduation and wedding season are coming up soon. So whether you need a gift for someone else or you want to add to your collection, expect to find a decent number of bargains.

Athletic shoes

With new releases and a renewed interest in getting outdoors and exercising more as the weather warms up, April is a good time to look for athletic shoes. Watch for sales from the big brands, such as Adidas, Nike, and Reebok, and lesser known brands, too.

Air conditioners

You may be able to find a handful of deals on air conditioners in April.

Spring apparel

There will be a fair amount of clothing sales in April, but many may not indicate they’re centered on spring apparel. Instead, keep an eye out for general sales.

Gardening gear

April brings springlike temperatures to many areas, and that means people get strong urges to go outside and enjoy the weather. Look for deals on garden soil, mulch, path lights, garden tools, power tools, and more.

Home improvement supplies

With the weather warming up, many homeowners will be ready to tackle DIY projects around the house, and fortunately there will be some deals to help with that.

Clearance on Easter items

Another big event in April – in some years anyway – is Easter, though this year the holiday falls on March 31. However, you can still find clearance Easter items as soon as the month of April begins; some products will sell for 50 percent off or more.

Secondhand treasures

As spring is officially underway this month, that can mean more people embracing decluttering as part of their spring cleaning routine. Those items have to go somewhere, and while some people may throw them out, others prefer to donate things that could still be of use. Thrift stores and consignment shops tend to see an increase in donations this time of year, so consider checking out the selection at your local store before opting to buy a brand-new, more expensive item.

Early Mother’s Day gifts

Mother’s Day falls on May 12 in 2024, but that doesn’t mean you should wait until next month to do your shopping. Plenty of sales will start in April, and shopping early will mean less pressure to buy the first suitable gift you find.

Sustainable products

April tends to have a big focus on sustainability because of the Arbor Day and Earth Day holidays. But the entire month is also known as Earth Month. This means companies will probably give out eco-friendly freebies like as they've done in the past.

7 things to skip in April

Mattresses and major appliances tend to go on sale around big holidays such as Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day. So, if you can hold off until one of those to do your shopping, you’ll find much better deals.

Summer essentials, such as pool items, patio furniture, and outdoor games and summer clothing, won’t be on sale until July, August, or September.

For televisions and electronics, Black Friday is still largely the best time to shop electronics, but the July Fourth and back to school sales could have a selection of offers worth checking out.

For grills, you’ll find better deals in September or October and for small kitchen appliances, it’s Black Friday.

Happy sale shopping in April, and, as always, be sure to continually compare prices.


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Carol Cassara

And i just bought some on-sale spring apparel, so thank you!

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