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Target to pay $5.4 million for overcharging customers in California

Target Corp. has agreed to pay about $5.4 to settle a lawsuit that alleged Target overcharged customers. The lawsuit was filed by the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office along with district attorneys of Alameda, Marin, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz, Ventura, and San Diego counties. Read more →

Consumers need to watch out for price gouging and cyberattacks as the war in Ukraine rages on

Due to the war in Ukraine, consumers in the United States could experience impacts. They should be on the lookout for potential price gouging of fuel and other goods and services. And consumers should be aware that there may be cyberattacks. Read more →

Use caution when making donations to help Ukraine

Scammers are always lurking in the background. When a new disaster or event occurs, they fine-tune their toolkit. With the war in Ukraine, scammers are on the move. They know that millions of people want to support the Ukrainian people. They’re setting up fake charities that look and sound like real ones. Read more →

Super Bowl ads continue to be unimaginative in 2022, with violence again being used to sell

The Super Bowl ads for 2022 were mostly disappointing. Although a few had a good message, the overall feel of the game show was dystopian. A QR code drifting across the screen, ads for apps and betting websites I’d never heard of, and supposedly clever ads featuring stars from TV series I’ve never seen. Read more →

Have you found a bargain at the Presidents’ Day sales yet?

Recently, I wrote you could find deals on clothing, electronics, mattresses, home goods and furniture, and large appliances at Presidents’ Day sales. Ever hopeful, I went over to Best Buy to see if they had reduced prices for an iPhone 12 or a new Apple desktop. Read more →

Did you know that loyalty programs can collect and use your personal information?

California is investigating some businesses operating loyalty programs and notices have been sent out alleging they aren’t complying with consumer laws. Businesses that offer discounts or free items in exchange for personal information in California are required to provide a notice of financial incentive. Read more →

Watch out for romance scams as Valentine’s Day approaches

Americans are expected to lose even more money to romance scams in 2022. With Valentine's Day coming up, scammers are at work now targeting those looking for love. In 2020, reported losses to romance scams reached a record $304 million, up about 50 percent from 2019. For an individual, that meant a median dollar loss of $2,500. Read more →

Be sure to check out the interest rate before you sign up for a new credit card

On LinkedIn Wednesday, I read an article about the Capital One Venture X credit card by Ana Staples, a reporter for Bankrate, an independent, advertising-supported publisher, and comparison service website. Staples said she loves credit cards, and she enthusiastically recommended the Capital One Venture X credit card. Read more →

Amazon shuts down its ‘Sold by Amazon’ program nationwide following state investigation

Amazon will shut down the “Sold by Amazon” program nationwide following a price-fixing investigation by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office. As part of a consent decree, Amazon is required to stop the “Sold by Amazon” program and provide the agency with annual updates on its compliance with antitrust laws. Read more →