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Let the FTC know you’d like get information on funeral costs from funeral home websites

After a loved one dies, going  to a funeral home to make arrangements for a burial or cremation is difficult. Fortunately, in the 1980s I wrote an article on how to pick out funeral goods and services. I learned a lot. I did a survey after funeral directors in the area told me consumers weren’t having problems. Read more →

Biden administration takes action on ‘junk fees’ to help financially stressed consumers

For years, I’ve suggested that consumers consider banking with a credit union rather than a bank. Why? Consumers often can’t trust banks not to gouge them with high interest rates and fees. It was great to listen to President Biden speak on the radio and on television about the action his administration is taking on “junk fees.” Read more →

FDA’s proposal to use a ‘healthy’ symbol on package food has value, but more needs to be done

I’m fortunate that my first college degree included classes in nutrition. I learned the value of eating fruits and vegetables for health and avoiding junk food. However, the recent debate on low-carb or a vegetarian diet, and dozens of spinoffs, has added confusion for the American public, and even me. Read more →

How to get bargains for Halloween 2022

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween this year? Have a party? Hand out candy? When I worked in an office and had co-workers, I dressed up often for Halloween. See the photo to the left. I was “Miss Orondo,” Orondo being the rural center where I grew up in Central Washington. Read more →

Watch out when using the Zelle payment app as fraud and theft are rampant, senator says

On Facebook this week, a woman in a financial group told about how she almost paid $2,500 to a scammer on Zelle. It was the government imposter scam. A guy told her she owed $2,500 because she’d missed a court date. The calls went on for about an hour. A friend on another line kept telling her not to send the money. Read more →

Kim Kardashian to pay $1.26 million to settle SEC charges she illegally hyped cryptocurrency on social media

Always be careful when you buy something based on the advice of a celebrity or influencer, especially investments. On social media, Kim Kardashian illegally touted cryptocurrency sold by EthereumMax without disclosing the payment she received for promoting it, the SEC said Monday. Read more →

Have you tried Angi, formerly Angie’s List, for help with projects?

Since the two people who help me with my yard don’t have time to pull weeds and I need to be working on my book instead of pulling weeds, I decided to try Angi to find someone to help. I haven’t tried Angi before due to the criticism that companies can pay to appear higher up in the search results. Read more →

Mugs with cork bottoms recalled by Accompany USA due to burn risk

Accompany USA is recalling about 25,000 ceramic mugs with cork bottoms. The company has received one report of the mug breaking after hot liquid was poured into it. No injuries have been reported. The mugs were sold online or given out for free as promotional products with company or other logos. Read more →

Watch out for forced arbitration clauses in the fine print of financial contracts and transactions

Most consumers don’t know they have “agreed” to give up their rights when they sign a contract that requires arbitration, and that banks or companies nearly always win because arbitration favors business interests, a study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or CFPB reports. Read more →

California attorney general sues Amazon for blocking price competition

Amazon stifles competition and causes increased prices across California through anticompetitive contracting practices, the state charged Wednesday. To avoid competing on prices with other online sites, Amazon requires merchants to sign agreements that penalize them if their products are offered for a lower price off-Amazon. Read more →