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Memories of childhood and other stories from older adults

My birthday is May 4, a wonderful time in the spring when everything is blooming. When I was a child growing up in Central Washington on an apple ranch, I used to run through the orchard on my birthday when the trees were in full bloom, an enchanted place. The blossoms were spectacular and the fragrance marvelous. Read more →

Thoughts on Earth Day 2024

In the era of climate change, so much needs to be done, it makes your head spin. However, on Earth Day this year, I’d like to give a shout out to leaders and groups who have been working for decades make a difference for the earth. A recent example is PFAS, also known as forever chemicals. They’re used in a wide range of consumer products. Read more →

Why you should care about lemurs

With Earth Day coming up, it’s a good time to learn about endangered species and what we can do about the decline in valuable animals and plants. A new group that’s doing important work is Wildlife Madagascar, a nonprofit conservation organization committed to conserving the land, forests, and wildlife species in Madagascar. Read more →

Happy April Fools’ Day

A friend on Facebook tricked me with with a tale of a move across the country, a new line of work, and a rural lifestyle. I thought, wow, that’s an interesting thing to do. Then, it dawned on me, April fools. I don’t know how I feel about being tricked on social media. I usually write about a few of my favorite April Fools’ Day jokes on April 1. Read more →

Secret ingredients are hiding in food under vague terms such as ‘artificial flavor,’ ‘natural flavor,’ and ‘spices,’ report says

While almost all ingredients used in food need to be disclosed, federal regulations allow manufacturers to hide some ingredients behind the vague terms such as “artificial flavor,” “natural flavor,” or “spices.” Problems arise when companies obscure ingredients behind these terms, according to a report released Thursday by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Read more →

New study finds little-know pesticide in four out of five people tested

It’s important to know about and reduce your exposure to pesticides. Growing up on a farm, I saw the effects pesticide exposure can have on health. A little-known pesticide, chlormequat, was found in four out of five people tested, in a new study by the Environmental Working Group. Its research tested 96 people for chlormequat, finding it in 77 of them. Read more →

Price gouging from food industry keeps food prices up, watchdog group says

The latest consumer-price index report from the U.S. Labor Department shows while inflation continued to go down in January, more progress was held back by stubbornly high food prices burdening everyday families. Price hikes on food have been a greed-motivated choice by the food industry for wealthy investors. Read more →

Happy Thanksgiving

Best wishes on this national holiday for gratitude and giving thanks. I hope you’re able to join with family or friends to celebrate. Ninety-seven percent of Americans say they’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, with 26 percent saying they’ll be hosting, according to, a personal finance website. About 40 million Thanksgiving meals will include a turkey being served. Read more →

Cost of Thanksgiving dinners goes down for 2023

As the holiday season approaches, Thanksgiving marks a day of giving thanks for American families. Despite recent inflation in the United States, the cost of Thanksgiving dinner is expected to be lower this year compared to 2022. The main reason is the falling of the average turkey prices in 2023 due to growth in production. Read more →

Be skeptical about information from influencers, including dietitians, on food and nutrition

Influencers are required to let consumers clearly know that they’re being paid for their content. After the WHO classified artificial sweeteners such as aspartame as a possible carcinogens, influencers – including some dietitians – began posting content criticizing action. Aspartame is used in products such as diet soda, yogurt, and chewing gum. Read more →