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GE appliance maker sued over failure to share gas stove pollution risks

Worried about emissions from your gas stove or one a family member or friend owns? The debate is heating up. A lawsuit filed against the maker of GE Appliances in the District of Columbia Superior Court alleges that the company is violating consumer protection laws by failing to warn district consumers that gas stoves produce air pollution that can be harmful to human health.  Read more →

More than 200,000 Frigidaire and Kenmore ranges are being recalled, again, due fire and burn risks

Kitchen ranges that were manufactured between 2001 and 2009 continue to pose an injury risk to consumers, so they’re being recalled again. The Electrolux Group is recalling about 203,000 smooth top ranges, which were previously recalled in August 2009. The surface heating elements can turn off, fail to turn off, or heat to different temperatures than selected. Read more →

Had a frustrating experience getting an item repaired? Let the FTC know what happened

When trying to get a product fixed, you might have had a big problem. The Federal Trade Commission wants to hear what happened if you recently tried to get a product repaired. The FTC has set up a link for warranty or repair stories. It’s interested in learning about experiences across a range of products – from cars, kitchen appliances, and cell phones to grills and generators. Read more →

What to buy and not buy in April this year

April may not seem like a big month for shopping, but you’ll find a lot of categories that have good deals. Some of them are practical, so if you want fun and frivolous items, you may have to do more research. Here are suggestions from on what to buy and not buy in April: For Cookware, you’re likely to see deals in April. Read more →

Best Buy recalls more than 287,000 Insignia air fryers due to possible injuries from overheating

Best Buy is recalling more than 287,000 Insignia air fryers and air fryer ovens due to reports of the units overheating. When overheating, the air fryers handles can melt or break posing fire and burn hazards. In addition, if the air fryer ovens overheat, the glass on the door can shatter, posing fire, burn, and laceration hazards. Read more →

More than 210,000 electric smokers are being recalled due to shock risk

Char-Broil is recalling more than 210,000 digital electric smokers. The smokers can leak electrical current during use, posing an electric shock hazard. Char-Broil has received 79 reports of consumers who experienced a minor electric shock from touching the smokers while in use. This recall includes the following models: Read more →

What to do on Presidents’ Day

How’s your Presidents’ Day going? I got lucky and my daughter is visiting from Madrid. We’ve been checking out the sights in Seattle and getting together with her friends. If you need some ideas for activities for the holiday, consider the following: (1) Read biographies of Washington and Lincoln. (2) Ask five friends who their favorite president is and why. Read more →

Bissell recalls more than 156,000 vacuum cleaners due to fire risk

Bissell is recalling 142,000 vacuum cleaners in the United States and 14,600 in Canada. The battery pack of the Multi Reach Hand and Floor vacuum cleaners can overheat and smoke, posing a fire hazard. Bissell has received 17 reports of the recalled vacuum cleaners smoking and emitting a burning odor. Read more →

What to buy and not buy in February

Since many people emptied out their pocketbooks for holiday spending, by the time February rolls around, they’re probably still paying off their credit cards. However, there are big opportunities to shop and save in February. Here are some suggestions from on what bargains to look for in February: Read more →