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What are the best cars brands to buy in 2022’s hot market, and how to get the car that’s right for you

The majority of the cars in the top 10 of Consumer Reports’ 2022 Brand Report Card rankings are made by Japanese automakers. Six Japanese brands are among the top-10 in the rankings that shows which automakers are producing the most well-performing, safe, and reliable vehicles based on Consumer Report’s testing and member surveys. Read more →

Bank of America to pay $10 million for illegal, out-of-state garnishments

Bank of America will pay $10 million for processing illegal, out-of-state garnishment orders against customers’ bank accounts. It froze accounts, charged fees, garnished funds, and sent payments to creditors based on court orders that should have been processed under state laws where the consumers lived. Read more →

Watch out for loans at auto repair chains made through EasyPay Finance and TAB Bank, consumer groups warn

Major national auto repair chains need to stop offering financing through EasyPay Finance and TAB Bank, which issue loans at rates up to 189 percent even in states where that rate is illegal. A coalition of consumer groups sent letters to the corporate offices for businesses such as JiffyLube about the loans. Read more →

After May 4 Fed interest rate hike, $3.3 billion in extra credit card interest expected

With the likelihood high that the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates by half a point on May 4, people with credit card debt will spend an additional $3.3 billion on interest in 2022, according to WalletHub. “People generally have a negative opinion on Fed rate hikes,” said Delaney Simchuk, analyst. Read more →

Check out this list of banks that have stopped charging NSF fees and those that haven’t

Some large banks have announced they’re eliminating non-sufficient fund or NSF fees on their checking accounts. It’s a positive development, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said. These changes mean consumers will pay about 50 percent less in fees each year, an annual savings of about $1 billion. Read more →

Step up your consumer game and find out how to avoid scams during National Consumer Protection Week

National Consumer Protection Week March 6-12 is a time to help people understand their consumer rights and avoid frauds and scams. The Federal Trade Commission leads the national outreach for the week of events. It’s focusing on how fraud affects every community. Read more →

On Presidents’ Day, make a plan to stand up for democracy

In the past, I’ve encouraged citizens on Presidents’ Day to take the opportunity to participate in government and make their voices heard. The goal? To help make government work more effectively. That message is even more critically important now. Read more →

Be sure to check out the interest rate before you sign up for a new credit card

On LinkedIn Wednesday, I read an article about the Capital One Venture X credit card by Ana Staples, a reporter for Bankrate, an independent, advertising-supported publisher, and comparison service website. Staples said she loves credit cards, and she enthusiastically recommended the Capital One Venture X credit card. Read more →

Tips for filing your 2021 taxes

In 2021, Congress expanded tax benefits and made other advanced payments in response to the covid-19 pandemic and the resulting financial impact. This may increase the amount of money you’ll receive through your tax refund. You also may be eligible to access other benefits when you file a tax return. Read more →

Watch out for tech support scams

Since everyone is online more during the pandemic, there’s an increased urgency about fixing computers if there’s a problem. Scammers, as always, are lurking around just looking for a new opportunity to strike. They’re offering even more phony tech support services. Read more →