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More kids are dying by drowning, report shows

Parents need to continue to use extreme caution when their kids are swimming or are near water this summer. Fatal drownings for children increased 12 percent in 2021, compared to 2020, a new report, which focuses on deaths and injuries for children under age 15 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, shows. Read more →

GE appliance maker sued over failure to share gas stove pollution risks

Worried about emissions from your gas stove or one a family member or friend owns? The debate is heating up. A lawsuit filed against the maker of GE Appliances in the District of Columbia Superior Court alleges that the company is violating consumer protection laws by failing to warn district consumers that gas stoves produce air pollution that can be harmful to human health.  Read more →

How to avoid food poisoning at Memorial Day barbecues and picnics

The Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of summer, and as the weather gets warmer, so do the number of meals served outside. Whether you’re at the beach or barbecuing, food should be served safely to avoid food poisoning. The bacteria that cause foodborne illness love the summertime because they thrive and multiply quickly in warmer temperatures. Read more →

As summer begins, prevent injuries and deaths by reviewing off-highway vehicle safety tips

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. A big safety issue for parents is the use of off-highway vehicles or OHVs by kids. During 2023, the CFA documented 498 OHV fatalities. Children 15 years and younger accounted for 19 percent of all deaths. Children six years and under continue to make up a sizable portion of the OHV fatalities. Read more →

Happy Mother’s Day

Today, I hope you’re having a great celebration with your mom or are remembering her if she is no longer with us. My mom, Ruth L. Slingsby, photo at left, was a hard-working, supportive mom. I miss her every day. She passed away in 2005 at the age of 89. Here are some facts and figures for Mother’s Day 2024: Read more →

Student loan companies ignored student borrowers seeking payment relief, including during the pandemic, CFPB charges

Check out carefully any student loan servicer you’re considering using. There are some bad actors in the student loan business. For example, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Monday took action against the National Collegiate Student Loan Trusts and Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency for multi-year servicing failures. Read more →

Memories of childhood and other stories from older adults

My birthday is May 4, a wonderful time in the spring when everything is blooming. When I was a child growing up in Central Washington on an apple ranch, I used to run through the orchard on my birthday when the trees were in full bloom, an enchanted place. The blossoms were spectacular and the fragrance marvelous. Read more →

Delta Cycle recalls more than a half million bicycle stem raisers due to fall risk

Bicycle stem raisers, used to raise the handlebars of a bicycle, are being recalled by Delta Cycle because they can shift during use, causing the bicycle’s handlebar to move unexpectantly, posing a fall hazard. About 500,000 are being recalled in the United States and an additional 8,510 were sold in Canada. Read more →

Thoughts on Earth Day 2024

In the era of climate change, so much needs to be done, it makes your head spin. However, on Earth Day this year, I’d like to give a shout out to leaders and groups who have been working for decades make a difference for the earth. A recent example is PFAS, also known as forever chemicals. They’re used in a wide range of consumer products. Read more →

Melatonin poisonings in kids are up dramatically

In the last two decades, the number of young children accidentally ingesting melatonin gummies, tablets, and other forms has skyrocketed. During 2012–2021, a 530 percent increase in poison center calls for pediatric melatonin exposures occurred, and during 2009–2020, a 420 percent increase in emergency department visits for melatonin was reported. Read more →