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Bloggers ease into the covid-19 holiday season

With one to two people dying every minute in the United States as the coronavirus surges, it’s challenging to get into the holiday spirit. However, even in these pandemic times, people are looking for joy, hope, and love during the holiday season. Read more →

Baby boomers venturing out some into the new pandemic world

These days, I’m still not going out much. I pick up groceries from my local food coop weekly and order everything else. However, we’re having socially distance, outdoor events to celebrate the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote. Read more →

Today is the 100th anniversary of ratification of the 19th amendment, which guarantees the right for women to vote

Women fought long and hard for the vote – before the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920, which states the right to vote “shall not be denied … on account of sex.” Beginning in the mid-19th century, women lectured, wrote, marched, lobbied, and practiced civil disobedience to achieve the vote. Read more →

Boomers have a low-key beginning of summer this year

On Friday, I advised readers to have a barbecue with people in their household for Memorial Day and skip going out to a restaurant or to the beach. I took my own advice and had a quiet holiday. Since I’m home so much, I’ve spend a lot of time in my yard. Read more →

Facts and figures for Easter 2020

It's a strange year for celebrating Easter Sunday. The pandemic has shut down so much of the U.S. so that the usual Easter activities aren't happening. In addition, about half of Americans say they won't be buying Easter candy, a new outfit, or Easter foods this year. Read more →