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What to buy and not buy at Memorial Day sales 2020

Memorial Day sales have begun, even though stores aren’t operating like they usually do due to the pandemic. Shop online for safety or pick up items you’ve ordered from local retail stores. Many states have opened retail stores, including Georgia, Florida, Texas, and Iowa. Read more →

After Consumer Reports’ evaluation, Cisco sheds light on the videoconferencing platform Webex’s privacy and terms-of-service policies

Cisco is making it easier to find out what personal information the company collects and how it uses it during videoconferencing calls on its Webex platform. The changes come in response to a recent Consumer Reports evaluation of the platform’s privacy policy. Read more →

Progressive Leasing to pay $175 million to FTC to settle charges it deceived consumers about prices

Progressive Leasing will pay $175 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges it misled consumers about the price of items purchased through its plans. The company markets rent-to-own payment plans at more than 24,000 retail locations. Read more →

Privacy policies upgraded by Zoom after analysis by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports recently uncovered privacy concerns with Zoom. Researchers found that Zoom, like many digital platforms, outlines in its privacy policy that it collects personal information about its users, but doesn’t disclose details about how that information is used. Read more →

Guide to getting bargains throughout the year

It’s January and it’s a famous month for getting lots of items on sale. However, every month of the year usually offers bargains. Here’s information from DealNews, a website listing bargains, so you can make a plan for saving throughout the year: Read more →

Top consumer stories for 2019

As usual, most of the end-of-the-year, round-up articles are about national issues or corporations. If consumers are mentioned, it’s usually about how they’re responding to some corporation. For the most part, it’s been a grim year for consumers. Read more →

Best places to shop on Black Friday 2019

I gave up on Black Friday years ago. I went with my daughter in Sacramento. It was my idea to go to the mall and get some great deals. However, we didn’t do any research, so we didn’t “happen into” anything great. I told her on my next visits, I’d rather go for a hike. Read more →

Bloggers getting chilly as October unfolds

It’s that time of year. The weather’s getting cold and the “chills” of Halloween are looming on the horizon. Bloggers are writing about health concerns, useless information on the internet, failure as a learning tool, and how we became a “Lord of the Flies” society. Read more →