Consumer Experiences Feed

Paying off my mortgage is my best consumer experience this week, while low-quality customer service from Comcast disappoints, again

Saying goodbye to my mortgage is making me very happy. However, I’m extremely frustrated with the customer service I had from. My best consumer experience: Making my last mortgage payment I’m elated that my mortgage is paid off. It’s quite a milestone. I’m going to have a party to celebrate.... Read more →

American Airlines offers my best and worst consumer experience this week

I’m a frequent flyer on American Airlines. Sometimes they offer good services, and other times they don’t. My best consumer experience: Flying through storms This week, I took a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Stormy conditions were predicted through the East, so we were worried. However, the trip went smoothly.... Read more →

Great vegetables are my best consumer experience this week, while airline service disappoints

Unusually fine vegetables make my happy, while putting up with airlines makes me cranky. My best consumer experience: Wonderful green beans and Brussels sprouts Often during the winter, the organic green beans at my local food co-op look like they have rust or something else on them and the Brussels... Read more →

Eating fruitcake is my best consumer experience while Apple customer service is lacking

The holidays are coming, bringing fun and stress already. Best consumer experience: Eating fruitcake I really like fruitcake. I used to make it, but no one in my family liked it. Now, I often buy a small fruitcake to enjoy with guests. When I lived in Sydney, Australia, for a... Read more →

Tasting wine is my best consumer experience this week, while being refused service at a watch booth disappoints

With the torrential rains we’re having, I haven’t felt like going out much. However, I did venture out and had a positive happening and one not so good. My best consumer experience: Tasting wine with a friend A couple of months ago, I won $25 in a drawing from Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater... Read more →

Sewing machine research is my best consumer experience this week, while a huge rain storm causes problems

In recent years, I’ve been skipping Black Friday. However, I enjoyed shopping Saturday. What I didn’t like was a big rainstorm earlier this week. My best consumer experience: Shopping for a sewing machine My daughter wants a new sewing machine. She makes quilts and her old Singer has problems. The... Read more →

Help from an investment company is my best consumer experience this week, while placing an Amazon book order disappoints

Most of the week, I've been at home recovering from a cold. However, I still made a few consumer transactions. My best consumer experience: Working with a new investment company My financial planner suggested I roll my IRA over to a new investment company so I’d have a wider range... Read more →

Election results are my best consumer experience this week, while applying caulking disappoints

November brings the election and winter, a challenging season. My best consumer experience: The election of consumer-oriented public officials I was generally pleased with the outcome of the election. Pres. Barack Obama has been a leader in getting important consumer laws passed, for example, the Affordable Health Care Act and... Read more →

Getting my roof washed is my best consumer experience this week, while an insect problem is disgusting

Winter is coming, so I’m on getting ready. My best consumer experience: Hiring a worker to clean my roof Last May, I had a new standing seam metal roof installed. My plan was to wash it from a ladder using a soft brush with an extending handle. However, I got... Read more →

My best consumer experience this week is avoiding banging up my car, while service and food at Dairy Queen disappoints

Today, a fall storm gave me a big present on my driveway. Earlier this week, rushing to get my yard work done before the storms set in, I stopped at Dairy Queen. My best consumer experience: Missing a big tree limb Today, I was in a hurry to go see... Read more →