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Best and worst things to buy in October

October isn’t one of the best months for sales, but it does has plenty to offer as far as deals go.  Black Friday has started to stretch into the middle of the month instead of just happening in November. And, October is also well-known for Halloween sales. For the best things to buy in October, offers these suggestions: Read more →

It’s time to get your yard and garden ready for winter

Several weeks ago, I got out several articles from years past on how to get your yard ready for winter. I looked them over and puzzled over what to have for a lead for this year’s article. It soon became obvious. As the days passed and the garden began to fade and the weeds kept growing, the answer was it was time to get going on all the chores. Read more →

Free covid tests are available again

Starting Sept. 25, you can order four free covid test kits per household through The tests will detect the currently circulating covid-19 variants and are for use through the end of 2023. The kits will include instructions on how to verify extended expiration dates. Many kits have had their expiration dates extended . Read more →

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

On Saturday, I wrote about National Public Lands Day and how you can visit national parks that charge fees for no cost. I reported on the national parks I’ve  visited in Washington state and mentioned how much I loved the Grand Canyon. I wanted to share my photos and report on what a great time I had visiting the American wonder in 1981. Read more →

Visit a national park for free today on National Public Lands Day

National parks are one of America’s greatest gifts. You can visit any one of the nation’s 400 national parks for free today on National Public Lands Day.In Washington state, I’ve visited Fort Vancouver, Klondike Gold Rush – Seattle Unit, Lake Roosevelt, Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic national parks. Read more →

Watch out for tricks when you sign up for a lease

Some companies hide fees and terms in contracts when you lease a product. Tempoe, an Ohio-based nonbank consumer finance company, offered financing to customers at retailers such as Sears and Kmart. Usually, consumers were offered Tempoe’s financing after being rejected for financing at a retailer. Read more →

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day, every Sept. 21, is a global effort to raise awareness and challenge the stigma around Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. More than 55 million people across the world are affected by these diseases. One in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. It kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined. Read more →

It’s National Singles Week

National Singles Week is Sept. 17-23, with National Singles Day Sept. 23. Created in 2006, the purpose of National Singles Week is to celebrate single life and recognize singles and their contributions to society. About 47 percent of U.S. adults are single. That’s 117.6 million unmarried Americans, nearly every other adult aged 18 and older. Read more →

Nearly 180,000 glass doorknobs are being recalled after breakage requires stitches

Make sure no one in your family has one of these defective doorknobs. Prime-Lone is recalling about 167,000 glass doorknobs in the United States and 10,265 in Canada. The doorknobs can crack and separate from the doorknob assembly, posing a laceration hazard to consumers. The firm has received five reports of lacerations requiring stitches. Read more →

Have you ever found a good book at a Little Library?

In my neighborhood, we have two little libraries. A nice addition, I thought. However, I’m not finding books that are great to read. Most of the books are murder mysteries, and since I’ve stopped watching programs on television about murder, I’m not going to read murder mysteries either. One of the libraries is on the way to a park I walk to frequently. Read more →