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Why won’t Americans wear masks to protect themselves, older adults, and vulnerable people from covid?

It’s so frustrating. The covid-19 level is high now in the county where I live. Yet, most people aren’t wearing masks indoors. When governors and health officials dropped mandatory mask requirements, they said when covid levels rise to “High” in a county, masks should be worn indoors again. Read more →

Corporations are fighting to derail Biden’s inflation fighting measures while they continue excessive price hikes, watchdog group says

As the Senate considers the Inflation Reduction Act, corporations that have profiteered throughout the pandemic are getting worried that they may have to pay their fair share in taxes, a corporate watchdog group Accountable.US said in its weekly newsletter. Read more →

What to buy and not buy in August

August marks the beginning of the end of summer, as well as a new school year. While it may seem like it’s only a good time to buy pencils, notebooks, and backpacks, August is much more than back to school sales. It brings tax free shopping, deals on summer clothing, garden tools, and much more. Read more →

TJX to pay $13 million to settle charges it sold recalled products

The TJX Companies Inc. has agreed to pay a $13 million civil penalty for selling recalled consumer products, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported Tuesday. It also agreed to maintain a compliance program to ensure that recalled products won’t be sold in the future. Read more →

Opendoor to pay $62 million to settle charges it misled homeowners about what they’d make selling their home to the company

Opendoor promised consumers they’d make more money selling a home to them than they’d make on the open market. However, that wasn’t the reality, according to the FTC. Opendoor promoted itself as tech company that uses its pricing technology to offer more accurate offers and lower costs. Read more →

The unhealthiest chain restaurant meals for 2022 receive Xtreme Eating Awards

I haven’t been eating out during the pandemic. However, since my daughter and her family are visiting from Spain, I said I would go out to eat if we could eat outside. What struck me during the few meals we’ve had at restaurants is that they continue to serve such large portions. Read more →

T-Mobile to pay $350 million to settle lawsuits over massive 2021 data breach

T-Mobile has entered into an agreement to settle a consolidated class action lawsuit on claims related to a 2021 cyberattack involving unauthorized access to the company’s systems, the company reported in a filing Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Read more →

Hyundai to pay more than $19 million for submitting false consumer payment information to credit bureaus

Hyundai Capital America is being fined for repeatedly providing inaccurate information to credit reporting companies and failing to address inaccurate information when it was identified between 2016 and 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced Tuesday. Read more →