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What to buy and not buy on Amazon Prime Day

This year, instead of Amazon Prime Day being in July, it’s Oct. 13 and 14. What bargains should you look for? The most important thing to do is to compare prices. The “bargain” may or may not be saving you any money. Read more →

Using your power even though we may feel powerless these days

"Mastering others is strength," wrote Lao Tzu, "mastering yourself is true power." Tom Sightings of Sightings Over Sixty refers to this quote as he introduces the articles for our blog roundup this week. Sightings saw an article by someone who was mastering the power in himself. He wrote that for most of his life he had never voted in any elections. Read more →

Price gouging persists on Amazon, consumer group reports

Despite U.S. PIRG Education Fund calling out Amazon and other online retailers for allowing price gouging in their online websites at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a new analysis shows that the problem is still serious. Six months later, U.S. PIRG revisited whether Amazon had lived up to its promise of tackling price gouging. Read more →

Baby Boomer get through Labor Day as they have other parts of covid-19 life

On Labor Day in my community, we usually celebrate Harbor Days. I go to the waterfront and take photos of the boats, people, and booths selling food and summer fair items. This year, due to coronavirus, we had Harbor Days Lite. No tug boat races were held. People were encouraged to do other maritime activities at home or online. Read more →

Facts and figures for Labor Day 2020

As Labor Day approaches, it’s a time to celebrate American workers and take a look at how they’ve been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Although the United States is slowly regaining lost jobs, the national unemployment rate is still higher than normal at 10.2 percent as of July 2020. Read more →

Baby boomers trying to figure out a new normal in the coronavirus era

As cases of coronavirus spike and scores of people ignore the pandemic, boomer bloggers are venturing out into the new world we have now. It’s tough. You have to weigh the risks of going out and continually be on the lookout for people not wearing masks. Read more →