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My interview with Rabbi Harold Kushner, author of ‘When Bad Things Happen to Good People’

When I worked at The Anchorage Times during the 1980s, I was fortunate to get my dream job writing a consumer action column. However, along with the job as columnist, I also had to be the religion editor. It meant that every week, I had to write a big feature article on religion along with compiling the Church Circuit. Read more →

Check out my money newsletter this week for details on deadlines for using Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards, Facebook and IKEA settlements, and more

My newsletter this week has a lot of helpful information so I’m posting a copy here. You have until May 8 to use Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards and rewards and until May 4 to file a claim for an IKEA settlement. You’ll also find tips on how to save money on gas and a list of some store brands that are better than name brands. Read more →

Ask for the online price at Office Depot if it’s cheaper

When I was over by Fred Meyer, I stopped to see if the Canon ink I use was cheaper than what I’ve been paying at Office Depot. I looked at Office Depot’s website to compare its price. Fred Meyer wasn’t cheaper. So, when I went over to Office Depot, I was surprised to see that the store price was more than the online price by $3. Read more →

What to buy and not buy in May

Things will be looking better for sales in May with Mothers’ Day and Memorial coming up. Stores will be stocking up on summer clothing, patio furniture, and outdoor cooking items, so spring inventories will start going on sale in May. Look for deals on appliances and mattresses for Memorial Day sales and for Mother’s Day compare prices on flowers and clothing. Read more →

Credit tops 2022 complaints for federal consumer finance agency

It’s helpful for consumers to take a look at complaints that are received by agencies and organization to know what to watch out for in their financial lives. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau monitors consumer complaints to determine risks in consumer financial markets and to prioritize agency action. In 2022, the CFPB found: Read more →

Prudential illegally denied life insurance claims, federal agency charges

A settlement shows that another huge, well-known corporation has engaged in deceptive practices in how it treats its customers. Prudential Financial denied more than 200 life insurance claims although the company collected life insurance premiums from participants for extended periods, the U.S. Department of Labor said Wednesday. Read more →

H&R Block doing better about disclosing prices, but price still high

In 2016, I had H&R Block prepare my taxes. It was upsetting because neither the receptionist nor the tax preparer would give me an estimate of what it would cost to prepare my taxes. The tax preparer said he’d do my taxes, then, at the end, if I thought it was too expensive, I could reject the work. I paid $472, which I thought was too high. Read more →

Facts and figures for Easter 2023

Sixty-three percent of Americans identify themselves as Christians, and 43 percent plan to attend church on Easter Sunday, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is a big donation day for U.S. churches, as it usually has the year’s highest attendance rates. It’s also a significant money-maker for candy companies. Read more →