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Watch out for dangerous toys this holiday season and during pandemic times

Children could be more susceptible to certain toy-related hazards because they are likely to be at home more due to the pandemic, the U.S. PIRG Education Fund warns. It can be a difficult task, trying to keep kids of different ages busy with safe activities they can perform without supervision. Read more →

Happy Father's Day

It's a different kind of Father's Day this year. Not only am I missing my dad, Minor H. Slingsby, center left in the photo above at my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, but I'm missing my daughters, sisters, and nieces, too.  I've been staying home since early March, and I'm going to stay home as much as possible into the foreseeable future. I'm in the high risk group, and in Washington state, it's recommended that those people stay home until Phase 4 is announced. However, with covid-19 cases and deaths rising I'm wondering how long I'll need to stay home. On average, consumers plan to spend $149 on gifts for dad, about $10 more than they spent in 2019. Total spending for Father’s Day is expected to reach $17 billion. In a survey, 58 percent of those interviewed said they’re likely to celebrate Father's Day virtually this year, compared with the two-thirds who said they’d do it for Mother's Day. That's good. Everyone should avoid exposure to covid-19. Read more →

Tips for Father’s Day 2020

My dad was really good at guessing what was in his presents. One time, to fool him, I bought him a magazine subscription and I put it in a toy jack-in-the-box. When he turned the handle, boom. The clown delivered a note about the present. He was really surprised. This year, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, a lot of the activities we’d usually do with our dads, wouldn’t be a good choice for this year. For example, getting on an airplane to visit your dad is risky. Also, going to a restaurant with a large group of people isn’t advisable. Nor or hugs, unless you’ve been staying at home together. But, you can order a present and make plans for a get together later. Some gift ideas include: Read more →

Happy Mother's Day 2020

I hope your Mother's Day is going well. For about the last 10 years, I've spent the month of May in Madrid with my daughter Lisa and her family. This year is very different. Although I bought a ticket in early March, it soon became apparent as the pandemic unfolded that I wouldn't be able to go this year. I'm tempted to head to Sacramento to visit my daughter Mona. However, that wouldn't be wise. Also sad, Lisa and the kids won't be able to visit us this year in the United States in July, and, in addition, I won't be able to visit Spain for the holidays at the end of the year either. For Mother's Day, Mona sent me flowers and chocolates, shown above, which were delivered Saturday. The delivery was a big surprise because the flowers were scheduled to come Monday. I opened the garage to take a letter out to the mailbox. Right there, in my driveway was a white van with a guy was getting out of it. It was shocking because it's so long since I've had company or visited anyone. Read more →

Mother's Day facts and figures for 2020: What mom's want on Mother's Day

A majority of moms want to spend time with family on Mother’s Day. Mom’s also enjoy sleeping in when given the opportunity. An ideal Mother’s Day would include time for mom, time with the family, and some together time watching TV and movies as well as a special dinner. If you are looking for gifts, a majority of Mom’s said they would enjoy a gift card for an experience they can enjoy after the covid-19 pandemic has passed. Read more →