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On Saturday, I received a call from a friend to remind that nine glowing monoliths would be displayed in a local park after dark. She thought I might want to go and take photos. Glowhenge is an art project created by Dave Sederberg owner of Pacific Stage. Read more →

Proposed model annuity regulation benefits industry, not consumers, consumer groups say

State insurance regulators on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Life Insurance and Annuities Committee should reject a proposed industry friendly, anti-consumer annuity model regulation. They should create a true “best interest” standard of care. Read more →

Corporations keep breaking the law due to declining federal prosecutions

Corporations keep breaking the law, and the Department of Justice keeps refusing to prosecute them, a report finds. The DOJ’s refusal to bring criminal prosecutions against big banks, big pharma, and other big businesses has led to a failure to deter repeat offenders. Read more →

CFPB and seven states launch ‘innovation network’ that will approve new risky financial products and protect them from enforcement

The CFPB announced Tuesday that, working with seven state regulators, it launched the American Consumer Financial Innovation Network or ACFIN, a network that it said would "enhance coordination among federal and state regulators to facilitate financial innovation." Read more →

Broker in pension scam, who settles with CFPB and Arkansas, unable to pay most of repayment to consumers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Arkansas Attorney General’s Office filed a proposed settlement Wednesday with a securities broker for allegedly misrepresenting high-interest loans to veterans and other consumers in exchange for future rights to their pensions. Read more →