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Food industry supports ‘anti-diet’ advice to make more money as obesity, with health problems, increases

It was startling to learn that the goal of the food industry was to make food available on every street corner in the U.S. for 24 hours a day. The reason? To increase profits because the way to make more money is to get people to eat more. Also, through the Obama years, the administration supported voluntary efforts rather than regulations. Read more →

Secret ingredients are hiding in food under vague terms such as ‘artificial flavor,’ ‘natural flavor,’ and ‘spices,’ report says

While almost all ingredients used in food need to be disclosed, federal regulations allow manufacturers to hide some ingredients behind the vague terms such as “artificial flavor,” “natural flavor,” or “spices.” Problems arise when companies obscure ingredients behind these terms, according to a report released Thursday by the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Read more →

Price gouging from food industry keeps food prices up, watchdog group says

The latest consumer-price index report from the U.S. Labor Department shows while inflation continued to go down in January, more progress was held back by stubbornly high food prices burdening everyday families. Price hikes on food have been a greed-motivated choice by the food industry for wealthy investors. Read more →

How to reduce the transmission of diseases from pets to humans

On Saturday, I wrote about One Health Day. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s a global campaign that recognizes the close connection between the health of people, animals, and the environment and the role this connection plays in the spread of diseases. Several times, I’ve written that people shouldn’t allow pets to sleep in bed with them. Read more →

The quest to find some edible celery

Have you been able to purchase any decent celery lately? Although celery isn’t one of my favorite vegetables, and it’s not one of the more nutrient-packed ones, I do like to eat it once in a while. In addition, I’ve just started drinking smoothies and celery is a good thing to add occasionally along with fruits and spinach or kale. Read more →

Happy Valentine’s Day

Best wishes to you and your loved ones on this day to celebrate relationships. I hope if your budget is tight that you have figured out inexpensive ways to celebrate. Although it’s estimated that Valentine’s Day spending for 2023 is estimated to be $192.80 per person celebrating, about a third of people plan to give an experience this year. Read more →

Alcoholic beverages to finally include nutrition labels after years of delay

Did you know alcohol is a carcinogen? Only half of Americans are aware of it. For years, the alcohol beverage industry has been successful in keeping the government from requiring the type of labeling on alcohol that’s found. However, three consumer organizations sued the TTB in October and won. Read more →

FDA’s proposal to use a ‘healthy’ symbol on package food has value, but more needs to be done

I’m fortunate that my first college degree included classes in nutrition. I learned the value of eating fruits and vegetables for health and avoiding junk food. However, the recent debate on low-carb or a vegetarian diet, and dozens of spinoffs, has added confusion for the American public, and even me. Read more →