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This week, I wrote the 100th issue of my newsletter Helpful Money Tips for You. To celebrate, instead of offering my usual 10 tips, I offered 100. To sign up to get my free newsletter, go to You'll get it in your email. Read more →

Watch out for multilevel marketing schemes

When I was writing my weekly Helpful Money Tips for You newsletter (see Newsletter heading above to subscribe), I ran across an article by a women who was upset because a new coffee shop in her area turned out to be secret “nutrition club,” a recruiting tool for Herbalife. Read more →

Bloggers look at health and social issues

On Saturday, I received a call from a friend to remind that nine glowing monoliths would be displayed in a local park after dark. She thought I might want to go and take photos. Glowhenge is an art project created by Dave Sederberg owner of Pacific Stage. Read more →

20 books to read about food this summer

The world as we know it is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic. But as it exposes inequities in the health and food systems, many people hope that the pandemic offers an opportunity to build a new and more sustainable food system. Read more →

Researchers who say red meat isn’t that harmful after all are wrong

Public health officials for years have urged Americans to limit consumption of red and processed meats because of concerns that they’re linked to heart disease and cancer. However, a group of researchers said that advice isn’t backed by reliable scientific evidence. Read more →

Cheesecake Factory wins another Xtreme Eating Award, with Cracker Barrel, Jimmy John’s, and Topgolf winning first-time awards

The Cheesecake Factory’s Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are the 21st menu item from that chain to receive one of the Xtreme Eating Awards from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The organization has given the awards for bad food to America’s restaurant chains since 2007. Read more →

How is Trump’s tax act affecting you?

On Saturday afternoon, I mailed in my income taxes for 2018. Instead of getting a refund of around $1,000 like I do most years, my refund was $170. The TurboTax representative I spoke to said deductions that were helpful to me in the past, such as for my small business... Read more →