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Watch out for holiday shopping scams

Scammers use a number of tactics to steal during the holidays, ranging from online shopping scams, to scams involving the draining of gift cards, to package and shipping scams. Seventy-five percent of consumers have been targeted or experienced at least one form of fraud that can be tied to the holidays.  Read more →

CPSC proposes rules to address hazards of cords in window covering

Two federal rules are being proposed to address unsafe cords in both stock and custom window coverings. Current standards are voluntary. Consumers who rent and have no buying choice are especially at risk for exposure to unsafe window coverings, said the CPSC. Read more →

At last: Huge infrastructure bill gets signed into law

It’s a great occasion. President Joe Biden signed the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law today. People in the United States should be dancing in the streets. Nationally from 2003 to 2017, federal infrastructure spending dropped more than 20 percent. Read more →

It’s Veterans Day

Veterans Day, which became a national holiday in 1938, is a day to recognize the contributions of the nation’s veterans. In a proclamation, President Joe Biden said: To those who serve and those that serve alongside them – their families and caregivers – we owe a debt we can never fully repay. Read more →

Republicans agency leaders block action that would halt deaths of babies

In late September, two Republican members of the commission that oversees the safety of the nation’s consumer products voted to eliminate items from the agency’s annual plan that would have developed new mandatory rules for preventing suffocation in infant cushions. Read more →

Emotions and vulnerable moments make people more susceptible to fraud, study shows

Nine in 10 Americans experienced a fraud attempt in 2020, with one in seven losing money to a scam. Consumers reported losing more than $3.4 billion to fraud in 2020, according to a fraud database. However, since the vast majority of frauds aren’t reported, the amount lost is likely much higher. Read more →

FDA finally bans lead in hair dyes

The Food and Drug Administration has banned the use of toxic lead acetate in consumer hair dyes, an action that will help protect the public from hazardous chemicals. Lead acetate is the ingredient that slowly darkens gray hair when used every few days and can increase the level of lead in users’ bodies. Read more →

Halloween Safety Part 2: Halloween costume safety

In my last article, Jason Brick, founder of Safest Family on the Block, discussed how two things parents worry about most on Halloween – candy tampering and stranger danger – aren't things that really happen. In this article, Brick covers one of the most common dangers to kids on Halloween night: costumes. Read more →

Facts and figures for Halloween 2021

Consumer spending on Halloween-related items is expected to reach an all-time high of $10.14 billion, up from $8.05 billion in 2020. About 65 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year, up from 58 percent in 2020 and compared to 68 percent in 2019 before the covid-19 pandemic. Read more →