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Yes, boomers are doing O.K.

Carol Cassara of A Healing Spirit is still a Beatles fan, and, all these years later when she hears one of their songs, she’s instantly transported back to the 1960s. An image of a van, like the one in the photo, which was popular at the time, does the same thing. Read more →

Baby boomers spend time on holiday preparations and end-of-year reflections

Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting was flying high this week, with a short airline ride to enjoy the company of her grandkids. She waited at a cheerleading meet, got manicures, sampled ice cream, baked cookies, and strolled a craft fair.   Read more →

Number of retirees with mortgages increases dramatically

Retirement is different than it used to be. Many more retirees are still trying to pay off their homes. One of four homeowners 30 years ago who were in their late 60s and 70s still had a mortgage. These days, nearly half have one. Read more →

What to do about Capital One’s gigantic data breach

A massive data theft at Capital One exposed personal information, including some Social Security numbers, of more than 100 million people. It’s the largest data theft from any bank. Consumers should freeze their credit reports for free to safeguard their financial security. Read more →

Bloggers start the summer with thoughts of politics, health, and stuff

It’s summer at last with spring rains lessening and warm days turning into hot days in many parts of the country. Politics are heating up, too, with the debates for 20 Democratic presidential candidates drawing substantial interest. For Tom Sightings from Sightings Over Sixty, the heat has finally come in... Read more →

Workstations recalled by Knape & Vogt due to injury hazard

Knape & Vogt is recalling about 76,000 sit-stand office workstations. The workstation can malfunction, causing the gas cylinders to separate and forcefully discharge, posing an injury hazard. Knape & Vogt has received two reports of the gas cylinder separating from the workstation. In one case, the cylinder discharged from the... Read more →

Baby boomers deal with life in today’s world

The midterm elections are Tuesday and some of our baby boomer writers are getting excited about the outcome. America could be on the cusp of political change. It all depends on who comes out to vote. This week, boomer bloggers are writing about: A 50th high school reunion. A family’s... Read more →

Are you ready for a natural disaster? National Preparedness Month is a good time to get organized

Natural disasters and severe weather and can occur with little warning. Examples are this year’s floods and wildfires. Are you ready to leave your home quickly? You can reduce your worries about these events by making sure you’re prepared if and when they happen. September is National Preparedness Month, and... Read more →

Are you ready for back-to-school shopping?

It’s hard to believe, but August is almost here, and soon kids will be headed back to school. To help parents save money, WalletHub, a personal-finance website, has released the results of its “2018 Back-to-School Shopping Survey” and “Sales-Tax Holiday Calendar” to help parents save hundreds. Highlights of the reports... Read more →