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1.7 million Fitbit Ionic smartwatches are being recalled due to burn risk

Fitbit is recalling about 1 million Ionic smartwatches in the United States and about 693,000 internationally. The lithium-ion battery in the Ionic smartwatch can overheat, posing a burn hazard. Fitbit has received at least 115 reports in the U.S. – and 59 reports internationally – of the watch battery overheating. Read more →

Automotive pneumatic roller seats are being recalled by Harbor Freight Tools due to fall hazard

Harbor Freight Tools is recalling about 478,800 Pittsburgh Automotive pneumatic roller seats. The connection from the seat to the seat post can break, posing a fall hazard. Harbor Freight Tools has received 96 reports of the seat weld breaking, including 10 reports of minor injuries. Read more →

141,000 ATVs for kids and teens are being recalled due to injury hazard and federal safety standards

Maxtrade is recalling about 141,000 Youth Coolster Mountopz all-terrain vehicles. The ATVs don’t comply with the federal ATV safety standard. The youth ATVs fail to meet the speed limitations for vehicles for kids ages 6, 10, and 12 years and older, or for teenagers, depending on the model. Read more →

FRIGG pacifiers are being recalled due to choking hazard

Mushie & Co. is recalling about 333,725 FRIGG Silicone Pacifiers. The base of the silicone nipple has a fine slit that can cause the nipple to detach from the plastic shield, posing a choking hazard. Mushie & Co. has received eight reports of the silicone nipple detaching. Read more →

Agency warns consumers to stop using baby loungers following two infant deaths due to suffocation

After reports of two infant deaths, the Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers to stop using the Podster, Podster Plush, Bummzie, and Podster Playtime (the Podsters) infant loungers made by Leachco Inc. Thursday’s warning comes several months after another brand of loungers was recalled. Read more →

Three elevator manufacturers recall residential elevators due to risk of injury or death to children, with warning issued on elevators made by a fourth company

New steps are being taken by a safety agency to eliminate deadly hazards from residential elevators. Children can become entrapped in the space between the exterior landing door and the interior elevator car door if there's a hazardous gap, and suffer injuries or death when the elevator is called to another floor. Read more →

Adult portable bed rails sold by Essential Medical Supply are being recalled after one entrapment death

Essential Medical Supply is recalling about 272,000 adult portable bed rails. When attached to an adult’s bed, users can become entrapped within the bed rail or between the rail and the side of the mattress. This poses a serious entrapment hazard and risk of death by asphyxiation. Read more →

Progress made in public health, climate, and consumer protection during 2021, consumer group says

Since I wrote an article recently on the top consumer and personal finance stories of 2021, I was interested in a list offered by U.S. PIRG on the progress made in health, climate, and consumer issues in 2021. U.S. PIRG, a public interest research group, and its state partners worked on or supported many of these issues. Read more →

Another company recalls adult portable bed rails after three die from suffocation

Compass Health Brands is recalling about 104,900 portable bed rails in the United States and 110 in Canada. When attached to an adult’s bed, users can become entrapped within the bed rail or between the rail and the side of the mattress. Read more →

Decorative holiday mailboxes are being recalled by Target due to laceration hazards

Target is recalling about 174,300 letters to Santa decorative mailboxes. The mail slot on the mailbox can be sharp, posing a laceration hazard. Target has received nine reports of sharp mail slot openings and seven incidents of lacerations with three requiring medical attention. Read more →