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Bloggers are loving summertime this year

For most summers, my daughter Lisa, who lives in Madrid, visits me with her kids, Rafa and Cecilia. Although the visits are shorter now that the kids are older and want to spend more time with their friends, we had a great time. Fun times included a barbecue, swimming, walking in an arboretum and parks, dining out, and a July Fourth celebration. Read more →

Facts and figures for Father’s Day 2024

It made me happy this morning so see so many loving stories about fathers on Facebook today, when Americans gather to celebrate Father’s Day or remember their dads who have passed away. Not everyone has positive memories of their dad and today may be a challenging day for them. Here are facts and figures for Father’s Day this year. Read more →

Why are customer service reps using the phrase ‘I’m sorry that you feel that way’ when you have a complaint?

When I’ve had a consumer complaint recently, several times the customer service representative has said to me “I’m sorry that you feel that way.” The “sorry,” but I’m not sorry response it like getting an emotional slap in the face. One time it happened when I didn’t get information about a credit union fee, and I also mentioned lacking customer service at a local branch. Read more →

Happy Mother’s Day

Today, I hope you’re having a great celebration with your mom or are remembering her if she is no longer with us. My mom, Ruth L. Slingsby, photo at left, was a hard-working, supportive mom. I miss her every day. She passed away in 2005 at the age of 89. Here are some facts and figures for Mother’s Day 2024: Read more →

Memories of childhood and other stories from older adults

My birthday is May 4, a wonderful time in the spring when everything is blooming. When I was a child growing up in Central Washington on an apple ranch, I used to run through the orchard on my birthday when the trees were in full bloom, an enchanted place. The blossoms were spectacular and the fragrance marvelous. Read more →

Do you have a will?

I know, I know. As a consumer and personal finance journalist, I should have had my will prepared a long time ago. I’ve had a handwritten will for years that was witnessed by two friends. It’s not sufficient, but it was something. People need to have a will because if they don’t, their assets, if any, will be distributed according to state law. Read more →

Bloggers keep going despite winter weather

Winter is the pits. In the Seattle area, where the weather is usually moderate, we had a week of 20-degree weather and snow – just a skiff where I Iive but in Bellingham, Washington, near the Canadian border, snowfall totals varied across western Whatcom County, with some areas reporting more than 10 inches on the ground. Read more →

Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this joyous day. I’m lucky to be able to celebrate with my daughter Mona and her family. We’ll be opening presents soon. I hope your holiday can be a joyous one without having to worry about finances. I was concerned when I read that nearly one in four Americans still have holiday debt from last year. Read more →

Bloggers are busy as the holidays approach

It’s a flurry of activity getting ready for the holidays. I’ve purchased my plane ticket to California, started my shopping, and am contemplating decorations. My daughters came for an early Christmas last year and the year before. I “decked the halls” with a living Christmas tree, got out the nice China and red table runner, and we cooked up a storm. Read more →