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Toy gel guns are being recalled by Gel Blaster due to fire risk

Do you know what a toy gel gun is? They shoot gellets, small, colorful water-hydrated balls that pop on contact and immediately begin to disintegrate, leaving no stain, no mess, and no clean up. Toy gels guns are being used for games like paintball and have gained popularity because they make less mess.   Read more →

After years of delays, safety agency adopts rule to protect children from dresser and other clothing storage unit tip-overs

It’s good news that a new federal safety standard for clothing storage units has finally been adopted that will reduce injuries and deaths from furniture tip-overs. In writing about consumer product safety for decades, it’s been discouraging to read about and report on tip-over deaths through the years. Read more →

Newair recalls air fryers due to fire and burn risks

Checked out the latest recalled recently? It’s important to follow recalls to keep you and your loved ones safe from unnecessary injuries and even death. The largest recall from last week is a Magic Chef air fryer with about 11,750 being recalled. The air fryer can overheat, posing fire and burn risks. Read more →

Tea kettles are being recalled by Target due to fire and burn risk

It’s time to take a look at last week’s recalls. Keeping an eye on recalls could help save you or a family member from an injury or even death. For example, children’s products are recalled frequently, more than twice a week, according to KID, Kids in Danger. That means about 100 children’s products recalled each year. Read more →

Stackable chargers are being recalled by Hyper Products due to fire risk

It’s important to keep up with recalls. In the 1970s before the internet, I received notifications on recalled products in the mail from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission because I was a newspaper consumer columnist. My former husband had purchased a shop light. Read more →

Top 10 tips for Baby Safety Month

Babies are among the most precious things in the world. I was fortunate to have two wonderful daughters, and luckily, they survived childhood although not as much was known back then on child safety. Here are 10 top tips that parents, grandparents, and caregivers need to follow to keep babies safe: Read more →

Are you prepared for an emergency?

With Hurricane Ian battering Florida after thrashing Cuba, it’s a good remind to review how prepared we are for emergencies. During heavy snowstorm when the power went out a few years ago, my food was starting to get boring after five days. I’d eaten all my fresh food and gone through my canned food. Read more →

Mugs with cork bottoms recalled by Accompany USA due to burn risk

Accompany USA is recalling about 25,000 ceramic mugs with cork bottoms. The company has received one report of the mug breaking after hot liquid was poured into it. No injuries have been reported. The mugs were sold online or given out for free as promotional products with company or other logos. Read more →

Boeing agrees to pay $200 million to settle SEC charges that it misled investors about the 737 MAX

Like most Washingtonians, I admire the accomplishments of The Boeing Co. However, when allegations were made about a “culture of concealment” and a flawed regulatory system, which led to two crashes, I was shocked. The SEC charged Boeing and a former CEO with making misleading statements after crashes in 2018 and 2019. Read more →