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Substance Abuse Feed

Lock up poisons to celebrate the 60th anniversary of National Poison Prevention Week

Protect your kids, teens, and elders from poisonings by locking up potentially harmful household products and medications. Nearly nine out of 10 unintentional poisonings occur in the home. Thirty-one children under the age of five die in the U.S. each year from consumer products found in the home Read more →

Top consumer stories for 2019

As usual, most of the end-of-the-year, round-up articles are about national issues or corporations. If consumers are mentioned, it’s usually about how they’re responding to some corporation. For the most part, it’s been a grim year for consumers. Read more →

Consumer group asks federal agencies to stop the sale of contaminated poppy seeds

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration need to crack down on the sale of contaminated poppy seeds and seed pods following the death of 12 Americans, the Center for Science in the Public Interest said. The center asked officials at the agencies to clarify that... Read more →

President George H.W. Bush: Not a consumer champion

As President George H.W. Bush is being positively eulogized, it’s important to remember that Bush, as often is the case with most Republicans, was more interested in helping business interests than consumers. Here are some examples of how the Bush administration, and the Republican Party, have failed consumers: But by... Read more →

NIH to end alcohol study due to funding, credibility concerns

The National Institutes of Health plans to end funding to the Moderate Alcohol and Cardiovascular Health Trial, the agency announced last week. The decision is based on concerns about the study design that led to questions about its credibility. This includes whether the study would address other significant consequences of... Read more →

You can dispose of prescription drugs safely and anonymously on Saturday

The 15th National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day will be held across the country on Saturday. More than 9 million pounds of expired, unused, and unwanted prescription medications has been disposed of at 14 previous events over the past eight years, the Drug Enforcement Administration said. The service is free and... Read more →

As the world keeps spinning, boomer bloggers keep writing about it

It’s been a painful week as yet another school shooting takes the lives of kids and teachers. It’s on the minds of two of our boomer bloggers as they write about joining organizations working for gun control and signing up to run against lawmakers who are getting contributions from the... Read more →

Big Pharma pushes opioids, then works to squash DEA action to stop the epidemic and deaths

Did you see the “60 Minutes” stories or The Washington Post articles about Big Pharma putting profits over the public interest by pushing the sales of highly addictive opioids, including the distribution of these dangerous drugs irresponsibly to corrupt pharmacies and pill mills, and how the Drug Enforcement Agency was... Read more →

Baby boomers enjoy the activities of fall

Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting reports a New England fall offers a feast for the eyes, assuming one is lucky enough to catch the crimsons and golds at the right time. She and her husband traveled north to grandsit and were able to view the brilliance of fall.... Read more →

How to escape from the daily bad news

Photo: Carol Cassara Since our current president was elected, American is being barraged with news item after new item every day on crazy things the president is doing and thinking. I recently sent an email to KUOW, the national public radio station I listen to regularly, asking them to air... Read more →