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Brush up on your fraud prevention techniques during International Charity Fraud Awareness Week

It’s International Charity Fraud Awareness Week, a campaign to help charities and their contributors avoid charity. Actions donors can take to avoid fraud are: check with the agency that regulates charities in your state, go to the FTC website, and check with organizations that rate charities. Read more →

How to improve your finances during Financial Literacy Month

It’s a good time during April’s Financial Literacy Month to take a look at how you handle your finances. What is financial literacy? It’s knowing how to manage your personal finances. How are Americans doing with financial literacy? In a survey of 1,500 people, respondents estimated that lacking knowledge about... Read more →

How is Trump’s tax act affecting you?

On Saturday afternoon, I mailed in my income taxes for 2018. Instead of getting a refund of around $1,000 like I do most years, my refund was $170. The TurboTax representative I spoke to said deductions that were helpful to me in the past, such as for my small business... Read more →

Top 14 consumer stories of 2018

All in all, it’s been another bad year for consumers. President Trump and his administration generate so much chaos that they get all the media attention. Meanwhile, in the background, federal agencies are moving forward on the administration’s conservative regulatory priorities, which are harmful to consumers. One bright spot is... Read more →

President George H.W. Bush: Not a consumer champion

As President George H.W. Bush is being positively eulogized, it’s important to remember that Bush, as often is the case with most Republicans, was more interested in helping business interests than consumers. Here are some examples of how the Bush administration, and the Republican Party, have failed consumers: But by... Read more →

Manafort, guilty – Cohen, guilty: What’s next?

Paul Manafort Michael Cohen Photo: Voice of America Photo: If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I’ve written dozens of articles about how the Trump administration is slashing environmental and consumer laws and regulations as fast as it can. To me, yesterday was a great... Read more →

Finally: U.S. shuts down massive IRS phone scam

Twenty-one members of massive India-based fraud and money laundering conspiracy that defrauded thousands of U.S. residents of hundreds of millions of dollars were sentenced in a Houston court last week to terms of up to 20 years. Three other conspirators were sentenced earlier this year for laundering proceeds for the... Read more →