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How government regulations help consumers

Conservatives rail against government regulations, and the Trump administration is doing its best every day to cut government regulations that corporations hate. However, government regulations help consumers. A report by the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards lists 10 worker, health, safety, and transportation standards that could help consumers this summer. “Summer... Read more →

Baby boomers learn life skills over time

Baby boomers have learned how to navigate life through all its obstacles and challenges. Each time something happens, a new life skill is learned. Sometimes new knowledge comes from nowhere and is greatly appreciated. It’s what makes life interesting and how boomers survive and thrive. Our baby boomer bloggers have... Read more →

Pedestrians: Pay attention when crossing the street and don’t eat pizza

As a careful driver, I’m very respectful of pedestrians. I know they have the right of way in the crosswalk and can cross at any corner, even if a crosswalk isn’t painted there. I always stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. However, I’m becoming impatient with pedestrians who stroll across the... Read more →

Trump’s government shutdown is disrupting agencies that protect consumers, workers, health, and safety

Consumer, worker, health, and safety protection agencies throughout the federal government are being disrupted by federal worker furloughs coming from the partial government shutdown, according to a report Public Citizen released Wednesday. “As long as the shutdown continues, essential consumer, worker, health and safety protections carried out by these agencies... Read more →

Coalition of state and local agencies will sue if Trump administration replaces plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power plants

The Trump administration proposed Tuesday to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, the nation’s first limit on climate change emissions from existing fossil-fuel power plants. The plan is the result of efforts by states and cities, in cooperation with the federal government, to require cuts in the emissions of climate change... Read more →

States to challenge Trump administration’s roll back of vehicle emission standards and end of authority of states to enforce stronger standards

Twenty attorneys general, from jurisdictions that have adopted California’s more stringent vehicle emissions standards, will challenge the Trump administration’s rollback of the standards if a proposed rule released Thursday is adopted. “Federal rules to limit tailpipe pollution and improve fuel economy are our best strategy to reduce carbon pollution, improve... Read more →

Fines for corporations by federal agencies down under Trump administration, with penalties falling as much as 94 percent

When Donald Trump was elected president, I strongly suspected that he would be soft on his big corporation buddies. Now we have details on just how bad it is. During President Donald Trump’s first year in office, enforcement against corporate crime and wrongdoing declined dramatically, with total penalties for such... Read more →

What are the most and least energy expensive states?

Source: WalletHub With July tending to be the hottest month of the year, consumers are cranking up their air conditioners – and, a result, their utility budgets. In addition, Trump administration policies are causing gas prices to go up. Also, lurking in the background are proposals by Trump and his... Read more →

Trump showed in his North Korean press conference that he has strange view of government

Photo: Shealah Craighead It was upsetting to listen to President Donald Trump’s news conference following his meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump said the United States would stop its war games in the area, which would save “a tremendous amount of money.” He talked about how expensive... Read more →