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Facts and figures for Labor Day 2020

As Labor Day approaches, it’s a time to celebrate American workers and take a look at how they’ve been impacted by the covid-19 pandemic. Although the United States is slowly regaining lost jobs, the national unemployment rate is still higher than normal at 10.2 percent as of July 2020. Read more →

Baby boomers trying to figure out a new normal in the coronavirus era

As cases of coronavirus spike and scores of people ignore the pandemic, boomer bloggers are venturing out into the new world we have now. It’s tough. You have to weigh the risks of going out and continually be on the lookout for people not wearing masks. Read more →

Baby boomers thinking about elections and safe travel

In Washington state, the primary election is Tuesday. Last week, I voted on the ballot send to me in the mail, then I took it to the drop box about 10 blocks from my house. I’m a big fan of our state’s vote-by-mail system. There are a  number of important elections on the primary ballot: selecting a new representative in Congress, retaining our great governor, Jay Inslee; and choosing a new lieutenant governor. On the county level, we need to vote out two right-wing county commissioners. They ran as Independents and fooled voters. Meanwhile, my baby boomer blogger friends are writing about: Read more →

Baby boomers comment on covid-19 restrictions and other things going on in their lives

It’s week 18 of covid-19 restrictions for many of us. I dawned on me the second week in March that I should be staying home. I had been walking in the mall during the winter, but I thought heading there wouldn’t be wise. I’d ride my stationary bicycle for exercise instead until the weather warmed up. Read more →